BMS Solution

The Building Management System (BMS) is a centralized system that allows for the control and management of all technical systems in a building, such as electrical systems, water supply systems, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), environmental monitoring, security, fire alarms, fire suppression, ensuring precise and timely operation of building equipment.


• Efficiently monitor and manage various technical systems in the building, saving time and operating costs, reducing the number of personnel involved in operation, and effectively operating equipment.

• Strictly manage operating costs, provide operational information within the system to managers: energy monitoring, generating reports, etc.

• Quickly and timely address technical faults and incidents in the building: issuing error alerts, sending SMS or Email notifications, etc.

• An open system that provides integrated solutions for third-party systems to enhance the synchronized and comprehensive operation of the building.


Managing and operating systems in:

• Residential buildings, offices, government agencies

• Hotels, resorts

• Factories, warehouses, etc.

Monitoring energy conservation in:

• Buildings, offices

• Factories, plants, industrial areas, etc.

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